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Residential Services

Our estimators will assess your project and any existing damage before recommending the appropriate paving or repair method. All estimates are free of charge.


When the surface is older and worn down with some failures, a resurface is recommended, where we install a new top-coat.

Milling and Repave

Milling and repaving is necessary when there is complete surface-level failure in the asphalt. To repair this, we mill out the failing top coat of asphalt and replace it. Surface-level failure is often evidenced by potholes, alligator cracks, and other failures on the surface.

Dig Out & Replace

When there is base failure that reflects in the asphalt’s surface, it will result in ruts and deep holes in the asphalt. Repairing this requires the asphalt to be dug out, the base to be repaired, and the asphalt repaved.

Pave Over Stone Base

Paving a new driveway over existing stone.

Full-Depth Paving

Full-depth paving can be required when there is base failure that requires some or all of the underlying base material to be replaced. Full-depth paving includes digging out the asphalt, replacing some or all of the underlying base material, and repaving. Full-depth paving is also performed for new construction projects.

Tennis and Basketball Court Paving

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